Dairy Solutions

Iudicium Dairy Solutions was established specifically to address the needs of the high demand of Irish and Dutch Infant Formula, adult formula, Cheese and other Dairy products.

Iudicium Dairy Solutions have worked with Irish and Dutch Nutrition experts with over 35 years experience in product and process development for Medical Food, Infant Nutrition (both liquid and powder), adult senior milk, cheese and other dairy products. All our products are manufactured and comply with the strict regulations of EU directives and Chinese dairy authorities.

Further information about our products can be seen here www.irishdairymilk.com.

Global Real Estate

(Buy & Sell properties)

Whether your looking to sell or invest in property the Iudicium International Property Development team offers consultancy and sales and marketing services across prime UK, European and Caribbean markets. From our...

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Food & Beverage Solutions

(Alcholic Beverages, Soft Beverages, Food)

Since Iudicium Food & Beverage inception, we have strived to build our company on a steadfast commitment to sourcing the best quality products emerging market manufacturers.

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Green Solutions

(Bio Fertilizers, Bio Fuels, Biomass)

Our sister company Iudicium Green Solutions and its partners , with operations in Africa, India and Europe, develops and implements ecotechnology solutions for biomass-derived from agriculture, fuel and energy projects.

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Equity Markets

(Alternative Funding)

Our Capital Markets team/network introduce experienced investors and high net worth individuals to lucrative investments.

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(Iron ore, Diamonds, Oil)

We provide physical commodity broking expertise and in depth market insight to our client base of...

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